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Do you think trading card games are too complex?

Do you collect cards but don't play the game?

Do you want to collect cards designed with thousands of kids across the world and part of an exciting best-selling book?

Introducing the new Wylah TCG: Battle Reign

Based on the best-selling book series 'Wylah the Koorie Warrior,' this game features many of the book's favourite characters. 


Prepare for thrilling battles with giant Megafauna animals, fearsome Megabeasts, Dragons,  Aboriginal Legends and mystical Dreamtime creatures.

Learn to play in 3mins! Playtime 5-30mins. Wylah TCG was designed to be a mix of UNO and Yu-gi-oh basic gameplay. Play between classes or at the dinner table with your parents! Yes, it's adult-friendly!  

You can play with an unlimited number of players and expand the rules to include multiple decks.

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Wylah TCG comes with many types of creatures including what we call Megabeasts. These creatures are designed in collaboration with thousands of school students during our Megabeast workshops. If you have been to one of our Workshops then you might recognise the designs! Which off-course means you now have to collect them all!

We have design Megabeasts with schools in Singapore and are planning more with schools in Japan!

Wylah TCG has two main playstyles: a fast-paced 'Snap-style' quick game and a strategy-driven battle mode. With the twin starter deck, you’re ready to play right out of the box, perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

Inside each deck, you'll find everything two people need to play:

  • 2 Rules cards

  • 6 Tracking cards

  • 12 Trophy cards

  • 30 Character cards (x2 Guardian Holo* Cards) *A holographic special finish. (NOTE: The Guardian Deck and Dragon Deck are identical except for the x2 Holo cards)


Wylah TCG Card Samples.jpg

Learn to play in 3mins

BWF 2024 session 1 lORD KERRY.png

More gameplay rules:

Got 2 Starter Decks?

Battle an entire starter deck against another starter deck.


- Use the Instant play rules.

- Shuffle the deck trophy cards (12) together. 1 pile per player.

- Shuffle the deck character cards (30) together. 30 Cards per player.

- Choose which skill to battle e.g. strength, Stealth, Speed etc...

- Do not look at your Character cards or Trophy cards. Both faced down.

- To begin, flip the first character card over at the same time.

- The highest points win. If equal continue down and up the skills to get the highest points win. 

- Flip over a Trophy card. 

- The first to form their Megabeast wins. (Note you may get multiple types of the same trophy card e.g. two heads, three legs etc... keep going until you make the megabeast.) 

- If a player gets all of one type of trophy e.g. 4 heads, which makes it impossible to win. All double-up trophy cards can be taken out, shuffled and placed back into a player's trophy pile.

- If players run out of character cards. Shuffle all characters and reuse them.




Download our current Festival Megabeast designs created during our live events!

WYLAH Character Design and Language Workshop sheet
Character Design Wylah Card Game - Submission.png
Character Building Questions Submission.png

Download and design your own Character Card.

If entering a competition email your designs to


Please read our disclaimer below before submitting.

Peek whurrong naming words

Acid = To'ot Bite = Puunta Bone = Bukkiin Brave = Likkaetuung Breath = Ngiindepawan Bush = Piitpurong Calm = Nareetch Climber of Trees = Part bart Cold = Kuunketeetch Croocked = Wawaa Dance/Dancing = Kurween Dark = Kuurowulok Dream/Dreaming = Yakinno Dumb = Kalkuutnan Eye = Mink Fang = Wirnuung Fast = Pirpuurn Fat = Pipuul Feather = Yuurnong Fight = Partpakall Fire = Ween Fishing Rod = Puin buin Fist = Milpah Food = Tuuluurt Fun = Kulngeen Glow = Wallawar Good = Nguuteung Ground = Maering

Hailstorm = Naek Happy = Nguutchpuurteen High = Kunnae Hiss = Yeekuunjan Horror = Ko-o-o Howl = Kurndaa Hunt/Hunting = Puupuukan Ice = Wallart Jester/Joke = Kuln gin Jump = Pupkupamin Kick = Kurrwaa Lake = Killink Lava = Kuulor Lazy = Yattchang Lightning = Pillaetuung Little = Kuuneii Marsh = Yang Messenger Weehnirr Meteor = Ngirram puuloin Mist = Kuureen Moon = Yaheear Neck = Kart Night = Puuron Noise = Wandee ee wee Old = Puutnuitch Pacify = Nguul nguul Pierce = Pakeepa Rain = Maayang Rainbow = Tuurann Red = Lepeetch River = Warronaung Rough = Wuin wuinbeetch Run = Wirrakan

Sand = Kuulak Scratch = Tuurnang in Scream = Karndaa Shadow = Wo'ol Sharp = Linming Shield = Puural Sing/Singing = Laerpeen Sky = Muurnong Sleepy = Yuwawan Smoke = To'ong Spear = Tiyaer Spirit = Muuruup Squeak = Kawuurdeean Stalking = Taera buurtna Sting = Murpa Storm = Pulla peetch Strike = Purta Sun = Ngunnung Sweet = Puyuurweetch Swim/Swimming = Yandaa Terror = Kuuninba Thorn = Pundang Tide = Kuttepaa Water = Pareetch


  1. Megabeast Designs must not be copied from any existing character in any format including, games, film, TCG, TV, toys.

  2. All submissions give Wylah copyright ownership in all entertainment and educational industries and the ability to change or modify any and all aspects of the design.

  3. The competition is voluntary and no monetary/royalties compensation will be given. 

  4. All Aboriginal Dreamtime characters created with real Dreamtime Stories must have permission from Elders and their contact details supplied. 

  5. Wylah PTY Ltd is not obligated to create a character card from any of the submissions.


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