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Official design and look of Wylah for the book. Wylah is wearing traditional possum fur and skin with an emu feather skirt. She is adorned with the ocher markings of her Peek Whurrong tribe.


Massive thank you to all our Kickstarter backers that have made this possible!








You can now Pre-Order the Kickstarter 1st Edition.

Set in a fantasy world with real-world elements, Wylah, a young Peek Whurrong girl from the Maar Nation discovers her family has been taken by the invading Red Rock Dragon Empire. She must go on a journey to reunite the Guardians and save her people.

The story is inspired by Aboriginal people and culture, we want to blend indigenous storytelling with Western writing structures so that we can share a universal story with the world. 

Wylah is Co-Created by Jordan Gould a proud Peek Whurrong Man and Richard Pritchard a Visual Effects Artist who has worked on films such as Mad Max Fury Road, Pacific Rim Uprising, Happy Feet, The Great Gatsby and Prometheus.


who is Wylah?

Wylah is a fictitious indigenous character, she is an independent, strong-willed, feisty, passionate, clever and determined young girl.

She is a first-time teacher who has just taken over her grandmother's art classes.  Wylah loves teaching children how to paint stories on cave walls. Her other hobbies include looking after large megafauna animals and gathering the sweetest berries she can find.


Not one to wait or ask for help, she is often rescued by her wise and caring Grandmother. Wylah is not a warrior, it is through the story of saving her people that she is transformed.

Elders supPort

“As an Elder, I support this project and we will watch it grow into the future.”

- Uncle Robbie Lowe Snr - Peek Whurrong Elder and Wungit(Chief)

Photo: Uncle Robbie Lowe Snr and Wylah Co-Creator Richard Pritchard


Wylah creators

Co-creator/Story: Jordan Gould - Peek Whurrong Man


Co-creator/Story/Writer/Artist: Richard Pritchard

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